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Vilonia Soccer Club

What are the costs?

  • First Touch - $55
  • Level 1 - $70
  • Level 2 - $90

How do the costs compare to other area soccer programs?

Vilonia Soccer Club is proud to offer the most cost competitive youth soccer program in Central Arkansas.

How do I sign my Child Up?

You can register online by clicking on the “Register Now” button at the top of the screen or we will have an in person registration prior to the start of each season in Vilonia.


You can pay by online by Credit Card or Debit Card. We are happy to make arrangements to meet you in person for cash or check payments.

What is the difference between Level 1 and Level 2?

Level 1 teams are recreational teams and play through the season just for the fun of playing.  Standings are not kept and scores are not recorded, although we do not discourage identifying who the winning team is after the game.  Level 1 teams play all of their games in Vilonia against other Level 1 Vilonia Soccer Club teams.  The level 1 program is for kids 5 to 7 years old.  


Level 2 teams are more competitive and play their games against other Level 2 teams from surrounding communities (Cabot, Conway, Greenbrier, etc.).  Level 2 teams play their home games here in Vilonia and away games at the other teams’ facilities.  The Level 2 program is for kids 8 to 17 years old.


The fee for Level 1 players includes the uniform and an end of season award. It also covers the cost of insurance, administrative costs and coaching supplies (balls, field paint, goals, nets, etc.).   Level 2 players will typically play more games and the price covers the cost of a the uniform and fees for referees, insurance, administrative costs and supplies. 

What is the First Touch Program?

The First Touch program is an instructional program for kids ages 3 to 4.  The kids are not on individual teams, instead they meet as a group once a week for an hour.  

The First Touch program is a parent participation program.  One parent (or other adult family members) is required to be on the field with their child during the instructional part of the session.

When will the season start? 

For Level 1 and First Touch teams, practices will start the first week in September for the Fall season and in March for the Spring season.  We play a 6-7 week schedule. Level 2 teams will generally begin practices sooner and they typically play an 8 to 10 game schedule, which begins the first weeks of March and September.

How long are the games and how many do they play?

Level 1 teams play 2 games each weekend. The games consist of 4, 8 minute quarters with a 5 minute break for half time.  Level 2 teams typically play 2 equal halves with times increases as age increases.

How many players are on a team and how many are on the field at one time?

U6 teams will typically have 4 to 6 players on a team and play 3 vs. 3.  U8 teams typically have 6 to 8 players per team and play 4 vs. 4.  Level 2 teams will typically play 7 vs. 7, 9 vs. 9, or 11 vs. 11 depending on the age.

When and where are the games? 

All Level 1 and First Touch games will be on Saturday at the Vilonia Soccer Fields.  Level 2 teams will play their home games at the Vilonia Soccer Fields.

What equipment does my child need? 

We provide a uniform (jersey, shorts, and socks) to wear during the games.   In addition, each player will also need soccer shoes,  shin guards, and an appropriately sized soccer ball.   First Touch and Level 1 players use a Size 3 ball. In Level 2, players on teams aged 9U-12U will use a Size 4 ball and players on teams aged 13U and older will use a Size 5 ball.

Kids will not be allowed to play or practice without shin guards. Baseball/football cleats are not acceptable for safety reasons.

How much will my child get to play? 

It is required that each child get to play at least half of every game.

Is there a gate fee?

NO.  There will be no gate fees for any games.

Field Status

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